Why and how companies should be using digital marketing to improve communicating in the wake of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) panic will have companies rethinking their marketing plan. Companies can adopt a new strategy and allocate their existing marketing to online marketing. digital marketing will play a big role in terms of customer support, as it will allow your business to be omnipresent on a variety of channels.

Digital marketing is now more important than ever, as many people are self-isolating, using online platforms whether on their laptops, phones, and tablets. The demand for online advertising is growing, as people are seeking information and if you want to make an impact, now is the time.
Focusing on sales won’t be the best approach for most industries right now, even though there are some unique cases. For instance, if your industry is in remote learning, book supply as students are at home doing online classes, teleconferencing, manufacturing much needed supplies or delivery services this could be an opportunity to get your name out there. Just be sensitive to the unique circumstances that have put your services in high demand.
Here are some options that you can explore, to maximize your business visibility and communication

1. Update your Google My Business

Whether your business has closed during this period, remains open or shortened open hours, it’s imperative that you update your Google My Business profile, provide customers with the most accurate information.

2. Create a Google Ads Campaign

Create a Google Ads Campaign, letting your customers know if you are still open, and how you’re helping them during this time can be great for your brand. As we can expect a drop in demand for certain products and services, now is the time to use online advertising to make a push with discounts and showcase how your brand is helping/ supporting social distancing etc.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media is where your clients or future clients are, so engaging with them will be vital. Social media channels should be used to keep your customers up to date with your business, by creating posts letting them know if there have been any changes in operation; if you’re taking online orders or offering delivery or simply how you’re keeping them and your employees safe. Generally, an online presence is encouraged.

    Attentional Tips

  • Humor isn’t out of the question.”
  • Brands must offer something to the community, or they can appear opportunistic.
  • Humanize your Marketing.
  • People are not looking for fancy messaging, or high production quality right now, they just want the right message.